Why is it that I'm inclined?

Why love freedom, if you don't want to worry if you want not to worry about having all the sweat that wet the shirt, if you want to use little time to iron, if you want to go out in the morning home and don't worry about a change, then you know why I decided to create to US the CAMICIA SAN GENNARO
But... I'll tell you better. 7 points


Because CAMICIA SAN GENNARO will give you super special powers in not staining you from any drink or anything, you will always be clean and perfumed
Thanks to the high ENVISIBLE TECHNOLOGY of _ with which it was realized.


Why CAMICIA SAN GENNARO is a true wellness treatment for your skin THANKS to “REPELLENCE” and "TRASPIRATION" characteristics that make COT can pamper you throughout the time you wear it, so UNICO and EXCLUSIVE, making your skin breathe giving you only physical and mental benefits.


Because CAMICIA SAN GENNARO will change your days forever, saving you even from

(a) That annoying aura of sweat under your arms
b) The formation of yellow spots
c) The relative development of bacteria that cause the bad and degraded smell.

Thanks to Technology Fabric that will help to evaporate sweat, giving freshness and well-being to your skin.


The San Gennaro Shirt dries very quickly there is no need to use the dryer that damages the fabric and consumes much energy.
Just hang the shirt on a barge, once dried, just spray a little water to facilitate the ironing, and in a short time it will be perfect and ready to be worn.
This is a great help for those who travel a lot and have little time.


Why CAMICIA SAN GENNARO is entirely realized with care by expert hands NAPOLI in the Silicone Valley of the World Sartoria by UOMO, to offer you the excellence of sartorial craftsmanship.
Particolare giromanica
Particolare giromanica


Why We Apply _, if it does not go well for some reason you can make a statement within 14 days.


Why don't you worry about taking a spare shirt on your days to deal with any unexpected, or being forced into the chaos of the city, to do so many KM to have to go home for a quick and stressful change, just wear your shirt in the morning SAN GENNARO.
For these 7 MOTIONS our CAMICIA is completely different from all the others and I'm the one you're making, I'm the shirt improves life


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