Care & Maintenance Shirt San Gennaro

  • How can I make it last in time as if my CHANGE is always new? In the same conditions as when I bought it?
  • Should I take her to the laundry room?
  • Can I wash it in Mano?
  • What temperature do I have to iron?
  • How do I have to dry it once washed?
  • What do label symbols mean?


The fabric used guarantees stains resistance, but if it is poured out of the great amount of liquid, e.g. Wine, Coffee, Ketchup etc.
you can remove them immediately by simply rinsing the spotted part of the water.
Avoid rubbing the area as this would worsen things Just use the water flow pressure to wash away the stain, if necessary, you can add some soap.
    • The Shirt can be washed dry in the laundry room MAX 30° TEMPERATURE, besides it would cause irreparable damage to the product

    • The shirt can be washed in the house in the washing machine MAX 30° TEMPERATURE Wash it on the contrary not to lose the color (CELESTE) and avoid the formation of white signs of the detergent in the folds.

    • It can be washed with other coloured garments the celestial one, separated by white and/or clear.

    • White shirt wash it with white and/or clear garments.

    • A _ also in water _

      Just put the shirt on a bark to dry it both in the open air and in the house. Not only will it dry in no time, but it will also help to stretch the folds and facilitate the ironing.

    • USA ASCIUGATRICEno asciugatrice

    • DO NOT use SBIANCANTI / CANDEGGINAno sbiancanti

    Spraying plenty of water before ironing ensures maximum ironing ease and fantastic results.stiratura


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